Phone: +61 3 9778 5602

When emailing restoration queries please include all relevant information including good photos, this will help to speed things up when trying to answer your queries and evaluate costs, I try to spend most of my time in the workshop and not on the computer 🙂 thank you!

When sending swords to me here in Australia you’ll be receiving the quality of work that only a fully-trained togishi can provide, minus the extra costs you will have when sending to Japan.

For example, to send a sword to Japan you will need a middle-man to handle the licensing/de-licensing of swords, postage within Japan, communication between the client and craftsmen etc. all of this is expensive!

Australian customs has no laws restricting the import/export of Japanese swords, meaning the package will come straight to my door.

Once I’ve received the sword, I handle everything that needs to be done with it personally. I’m easily contactable and will be available to communicate with clients directly in English or Japanese.

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